Good Decisions {Us Time in a New Place}

One of the most important things we did when moving to Colorado, was to tap a friend of a friend for a recommendation. We asked her about doctors and dentists, sure, but more important then that was asking her for a recommendation for a babysitter.

We were so spoiled in Pennsylvania. My mom lived only a little over an hour away and as long as she didn't have something already planned, would come down anytime we needed someone to watch Gwen. If my mom wasn't available, then Auntie Ro normally was, or our neighbor Sue. We paid for babysitting exactly once in Gwen's life prior to moving to CO. I say that not to brag, but because we were so damn lucky. I loved the time Gwen got to spend with people who are important to us. 

Things are different here, obviously, but what's not, is that there are times that we are both busy, or better yet, there are times when we want to interact as two adults who are in a relationship! Ha! 

We just celebrated our anniversary on the 13th. We've been married for 9 years! And together for 15! (That blows my mind, but that's a different post!) Of course we wanted to go out to celebrate.

Thankfully with recommendation in hand, we were able to do just that. We met B a few weeks before the actual day, just for an hour, Gwen and I. Gwen was excited for her to come over to play and I felt comfortable with her too. Gwen counted down the last few days, and the night of went great. 

Thinking ahead, this solves the problem of schedules for my yoga teacher training. Trav gets home a half hour after I have to be there, so now we have someone who can come over to keep Gwen company during that hour. 

I miss out familiar face babysitters back "home" in PA, but I'm so grateful that we made it a priority to find a new friendly face here. 

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