Accountability Update

I wrote about a month ago about some new health goals (mental, physical) that I had started two weeks prior. The general update is that things are going really well. I feel good, strong, and I saw a weight on the scale that I haven't seen since before my pregnancy with Gwen. I've lost inches since the last time I bothered to check. Better yet, what I'm doing feels sustainable.

I'm "on my mat" more (most of the time my home practice is not on a mat!), eating or drinking way more greens in all forms, and seem to have reset my sweet cravings a bit.

I was oil pulling regularly until about a week ago, when I decided to give it a little break, as my dread of doing it seemed to be outweighing the benefits! I'll give it another try soon.

My flossing is on point.  ;-)

It feels amazing to be taking care of myself better, and it allows me to care for my family better. I have so much more to give to them because I feel better, fuller.

So I continue on!

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