Surrender and Believe

Things are still crazy here. This are still busy and tiring and exciting and... I think I've started 10 posts in my head all saying, HOMG there is too much, I can't keep track of it all, busy, busy, busy. Notes and google calendar are my best friends right now, because I really do feel like I would forget everything if it weren't written down. I remember things best when I have a regular routine, so the fact that almost every day is different lately is driving me a little crazy.


I'm surrendering to the process. I'm doing my best to let go, let it all wash over me, and just enjoy all the learning, growing, and changing that happening in life at the moment. I'm trying to embrace what is the current normal, and know that in a few months, that normal will change.

The only sane one in this place!
And always there as my calm in the storm.  ❤

Trying, doing my best, accepting... its always a work in progress, right? And some days are easier then others.

Some days I get all the things done, and we find out that Gwen is getting a Respect Award in her school ceremony (PROUD MAMA), and I feel like maybe we're doing it right. Other days its a mad dash to not finish any to do list.

I truly do believe that amazing things are being cultivated in all of our lives right now, and that come Autumn we will be able to really see the rewards from all of the hard work and crazy days we are putting in at the moment. Until then surrender and believe are the names of the game.

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