Settling into a Rhythm of Non-Rhythm

I've talked before about how our routine right now isn't always the easiest since while certain things stay the same, most days area different. However we finally seem to have found a nice rhythm, a semi-routine, that works for us all.

In the mornings Gwen has school. Mondays and Thursday I go to yoga class, about every other week I observe a class on either Tuesday or Wednesday. The afternoon/evening has swim lessons twice a week, alternating with yoga teacher training twice a week. Fridays are blissfully free and clear!

My fill my non-yoga mornings with errands, homework, housework, and on Fridays... hair dye. :-)

Every day, no matter what is coming later, I pick Gwen up, we walk to the mail center then head home for lunch. We do homework, then she gets to relax with a show. When its warm we take Daisy for walks. When its cold or we're feeling lazy, we read and play Legos and games. The days are always full.

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Though it still plays out that no two days are the same during the week, at least we have a rhythm now week-to-week.

Until today when Gwen started her 3-week spring break... but that's another story. Ha! (Oh boy...)

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