Potato Leek Soup {recipe}

So I don't always have the most time for cooking lately. I talked last week about how Tuesday and Thursdays there's no time for cooking because of Yoga Teacher Training (make ahead meals are the name of the game). Mondays and Wednesday we have swim lessons, which leaves way less time for dinner prep too. So when Friday rolls around and I do have time to cook, I try to make the most of it!

I got a pretty leek in a fruit/veggie box, so I decided that potato leek soup was definitely called for. It is such an easy, delicious soup, and fast! While some soups require long simmers, this one comes together in about 25 minutes, start to finish.

You can see the cast of characters above, potatoes and leek (obviously), broth (or bouillon cubes and water if you don't have the broth you thought you had!), garlic, cream, and spices.

1. Start by cleaning your potatoes (I did 5), and your leek. Leeks are tricky beasts, and love to hide grit and sand in their leaves, so start by cutting off the thick root end and the tough dark greens, then rinse them thoroughly.

Chop the leeks into small pieces.

2. Melt some butter in a pan and get those leeks going. You want to cook them until they are soft and getting some color.
While they cook, mince some garlic (I did 3 cloves). When the leeks are almost ready, throw the garlic in to get some color too.

3. Cut your potatoes into cubes. When the leek/garlic mix is done, throw the potatoes in, then add your broth (I did about 5 cups). Give it a stir and start to bring it to a high simmer/low boil.

4. Add your spices. Customize here! Definitely add some bay leaves (I did 3), rosemary, and pepper; but other then that, go crazy! I love sage, so I added both fresh sage leaves and ground sage; I also added red pepper flakes (for a kick), and some parsley. 

5. Now throw the lid on, and let it cook until the potatoes are tender. 

6. (Optional) While things are cooking: The finished product is a super smooth, creamy soup... but since I was eating this as a main dish, I wanted a little crunch on top. So lets make a topping! 

Take some of those sage leaves and some cashews, and chop them up small. Melt some butter in a shallow pan.

If your cashews are raw, then throw the whole lot in together. If the cashews are cooked, then put the sage in first. Start toasting everything up until its golden, crispy, and fragrant.

Set aside.

7. Once the potatoes are tender, and everything is nicely cooked, pull out the bay leaves, then break out your immersion blender (or carefully use a standard blender) and go to town! You want a nice smooth soup.

8. Once that's done, add your cream. You don't need a lot (I probably only had a 1/4 cup left), but it makes a difference. It adds a decadent nature, that just can't be beat. I'd go up to a 1/2 cup here. Stir well, and then check your seasonings. You may need a little more salt, maybe some more sage, definitely add some cranks of pepper.

9. After that, ladle into a bowl, add your crumble and enjoy!!

This was such an easy, enjoyable meal. Let me know what you think, if you try it!

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