Finishing the Journey West {First Roadtrip of 2016}

Back when we finished our drive from Pennsylvania to Colorado, I checked "drive cross country" off my mighty life list, since that was the majority of the way across the country, and knowing that we would complete the trip soon enough. Well, last Friday morning Gwen and I hopped in the car and headed Westward, to complete that journey and visit with Auntie Babs.

The drive took us all day Friday, arriving at 12:30 a.m., but it was a lovely drive and the destination was worth it!

Saturday we got to wake up in California! To this face!

The morning was relaxed, we enjoyed hammock time and girl time.

That afternoon, Babs took us to some California Hot Springs! They had a whole pool, with spring water (and heated by the hot springs).

It felt absolutely amazing! The water and the time with my favorite girls.

The surrounding country was amazing too.

We got home, made some dinner and got Gwen in bed. It wasn't too long before we followed.

Sunday we headed to Keil's church to hear him lead worship, then we headed out to Sequoia National Park. Apparently its not a trip until there's a National Park involved.

These trees were awe inspiring!

We went to see the Mac Daddy of all sequoias, then went to climb to the top of Moro Rock.

The view from the climb, and from the top, was absolutely incredible... and a little dizzying!

Moro Rock from the way down the mountain... at over 7000 feet up, it is no joke!

Gwen really wanted to climb into one of the trees... and thankfully Keil knew just the place for that!

Its not a real trip without some yoga in random places either, right?!

Keil is way braver then I am, 10+ feet up...

By the time we got home, it was about time to get ready for bed.

We pushed our leaving time on Monday as late as we could, taking off around 11a.m., but Mama had to be home in time for Yoga Teacher Training Tuesday night. My plan was to drive as far as possible Monday, camp, then leave early enough Tuesday to arrive home at 4. It was a good plan, and the first part went swimmingly. We made it to Utah, and camped in a KOA next to Quail Spring State Park. Tuesday started off well too. We were on the road at 6 a.m., made great time, and were all set to get home at 4, just like I wanted. Yeah... remember that post about best laid plans? We got home at 8pm. We were three hours from home when we hit crazy snow in the mountains. It was frankly a bit terrifying.

Crazy ride home aside, it was an amazing trip. I always love seeing my Babs, and its a special treat when we can do it on her home turf!

Stay tuned, there are more trips to come! 

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