Healthy Restraints

When I sat down to write my accountability update before, there was a lot I wanted to say, but I lost the words. I probably should have waited to post anything, but I was just so chuffed with my progress and wanted to memorialize it. It probably ended up seeming more then a little silly ("yay, i floss!"), but what I was trying to get across was much bigger then that.

The reason all of those goals were equally important, is also the same reason why this time my results were so dramatic (lost over 10 lbs, and I feel so much healthier): they represent an overall lifestyle change, a shift in thinking and mindset. They all work together, a balance of physical, mental, spiritual items of growth. My relationship with food is better. I love it, I always have, and truly believe that food is something to be savored and enjoyed; but it no longer controls me.

I'm sure you're tired of hearing this, but I truly owe this to my deepening yoga practice. I don't just mean more physical practice, though that definitely helps (I have legit muscles now). I'm taking about diving into the other limbs of yoga. In the Yoga Sutras, they talk about the need to remove our preconceived notions, so that we can see ourselves with no blinder, and remind us that we are bigger then our own physical day-to-day presence. The limbs of Yama and Niyamas remind us that the way we treat ourselves is as important as how we treat others, and that we need to treat ourselves kindly, but with restraints.

My accountability list was just that, it was the restraints I needed in my life to gain some control.

So I guess this is the real update, the one I wanted to write the first time. Here's to healthy living and real, healthy accountability.

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