This and That - A Thought and Photo Dump

Gwen's break ended last Tuesday, and we're settling back into our more normal routines and rhythms. There is definitely catch-up to do when a big break ends (especially when much of that break was spent roadtripping), and I'm using this as a good enough excuse to do a bit of a photo dump and share some pictures I've taken over the past few weeks, but haven't gotten to share otherwise.

Now that its getting warmer, we love going on walks. Those walks often end up down by the Creek we live near, and inevitably Daisy ends up in that water at some point!

When we get home, we all head out to the porch so Daisy can sun herself dry, while Gwen and I relax and enjoy the warmth a bit more.

Did you know that a physical yoga practice (asanas) is both a great body workout, but it is also meant to help calm your mind and prepare you for the practice of meditation? Asanas are meant to be a little difficult... not painfully or frustratingly so, but enough that your mind is focused completely on them and not all the other junk going on in life. I've enjoyed deepening my practice over the past few months!

Gwen has developed a natural love for hockey, specifically for the Avalanche and the Quinnipiac Bobcats! One of Trav's coworkers will often give us hockey tickets if he can't use them, and his son plays for the Bobcats. Gwen loves going to the games, and always roots for the Avs now... even when Mommy's precious Flyers are playing them!

Trav's ready to get her playing.  :-)

Gwen is a "Dolphin" now in swim lessons. She's progressing so well, and she really loves swimming. One of my favorite days of her break was going for the free swim time at the pool where she takes her lessons. It was nice to get in the water myself, and so nice for her to just get to be a little fish for a few hours.

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Trav and I are both excited to see how she does up in Cape Cod this year!

Our other little fish, out on a walk with Trav one of the weekends Gwen and I were away. 

I got a few shirts from a site called Look Human a few months back. I just have to share this one because I love it so much! 

I have another that says Roadtrip Warrior. I'm looking forward to wearing that for all our upcoming trips!

Speaking of trips, my strongest scent memory of California is now definitely going to be the smell of orange blossoms! Such a beautiful scent, but WOW was it strong in Porterville, where we went to visit Babs.

The place is completely surrounded by orange groves, and the smell is intense! It did make me want to go out and look for an orange blossom body lotion for the summer!

Months ago I requested a mala from my teacher and friend Maram Yoga. I gave her some general parameters, but left the final design up to her. She did not disappoint!

She is an amazing person and she makes truly gorgeous stuff.

And there is all your Friday morning randomness!

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