For the Love of Trees

This past Friday Gwen and I celebrated an early Arbor Day by heading into Denver and participating in the Mile High Million Tree Planting (via the Sierra Club)!

Originally we were all supposed to go on Saturday, but seeing as a huge snow storm was set to come barrelling through, they bumped it up. (Ahh, Colorado spring...)

It was a fun day, though dirty and tiring! But we got over a dozen trees in the ground between the two volunteer groups.

Its awesome doing hard work, knowing that the finished project will be here a decade from now! I love showing Gwen that we can make a difference, one day, one tree, at a time. 

I love this time of year, and how much of it we spend outside. Gwen and I have been spending some amazing nature time in California and here in Colorado, and I feel like it gifts us so much. Its energizing, rejuvenating, and reconnecting. Its amazing to have the opportunity to give back to nature in this way.

Especially with Earth Day coming up, its a great time to make whatever difference we can!

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