Emotional Sniffles and Solo Trips

Its amazing how long it took me to regroup from two trips back-to-back with my girl. I always get a little bit of ... something ... after coming back from vacation. Almost a case of the emotional sniffles. Just thrown off and different, and you know it will be back to normal soon, but in the meantime you aren't always sure what day it is, and you just want to sleep it off.

But in this case Gwen was off of school for another week, plus, so there was no sleeping anything off. In fact, I found myself falling into old bad habits of staying up too late because that was the only bit of quiet I could find. It took me almost that whole week just to get my car completely unpacked and all the laundry done, and I basically had to wait for her to go back to school before I could get the apartment cleaned up and put away. She was a little extra touchy... I think she had the emotional blahs too.

So two trips in two weeks = two or more weeks recovery. At least with a 6 year old home from school.

A picnic helped us chase away some of our blahs!

Ironically, I'm heading out again later next week, but this time for a solo trip! The last time that happened was Wanderlust just under a year ago, then Elise's Graduation almost 2 years ago, and California with Heather 3 years ago. Noticing a trend? I actually get two of these solo trips this year, and I can't even express how excited I am. I adore my trips with Gwen. I think they are ones we will both remember all our lives. But the upcoming 4 whole days of not having to be "on"... well that is a completely different kind of excitement!

Recharging, re-energizing, and I'm only packing a backpack full of stuff, so no extended clean up! Hallelujah!

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