Good Life Farm

One of my favorite blogs, by one of my favorite people, is now defunct. Still, I've been re-reading Good Life Farm from the beginning lately, and finding so much inspiration in its pages. Do yourself a favor, visit and read. Little sneak peaks of house building, a picture of simpler farm life, and recipes galore. Oh those recipes... I'm already planning a recipe post for Monday, and expect to see many more adaptations in the months ahead.

Those first two though. They are what really called me for a re-read lately. Sweet simplicity. I don't want a farm, per se, but I want the sweet balance that radiates from her posts. I want space between me and my neighbors, but a farmers market to bring us all together. I want eggs from chickens I know, and veggies from my own garden.

One day I will make that happen for us. But for now, at least I find it in her pages.

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