Our Own Green

Two or so weeks ago, at the end of April, even though we were having a mini cold snap (40s/50s and grey and raining/snowing/sleeting), Spring had really and truly sprung. The trees were in full bloom, the air smelled like cut grass, and I was missing my garden in PA. Our balcony actually gets very decent sun, so I figured that planters were the way to go. Nothing too ambitious -- honestly there was enough going on anyway, without anything else living to consider -- but some green that was all ours.

I've talked before about figuring out something I want, and wanting it right that second. There was so much going on in that week, and I was fighting my normal impulse to do all the things right now. I was ready for the green, but didn't want to plant things too early so that I was going to end up with a planter in my living room when the inevitable next snowstorm hit. 

Once May hit though, and it popped up into the 70s and 80s (and showed similar temps for the next few weeks), I was really having trouble holding myself back. A free morning arose, and I was off to the nursery! 

Gwen and I worked together in the afternoon, and it was a quick job to get everything set up. 

Peppers (habaneros and sweet bells), lavender, and mint; then a pretty pot of flowers to even it out. 

It's so nice having our own bit of green to enjoy. I love the smell of flowers and earth! And I look forward to cooking with some lavender. 

Daisy approves. 

I love the way it looks from below too. Little pops of color on our balcony!

Its just so nice to have some green, all our own, to do with what we want.
Who else has a garden -- of any size! -- going this year? 

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