Building Blocks

I realize that I've only written one real post, and otherwise just in passing, about teacher training. Its a little crazy to me. That was three months ago, three crazy, busy months. YTT has become such a huge part of my life and such a constant thought influence, its weird that I'm not writing about it constantly. But life has been so full and busy that in some ways its not that surprising. Nonetheless, I want to say something before our last month flies by and its over (last month, holy smokes!).

There has been so much to learn. Anatomy, history, breath work, modifications, adjustments. Ten days ago I got to put it all into practice and teach my first hour long class. It was just to my fellow YTT girls, but it was a nerve-wracking experience. It was also a great preview of what's to come. Thankfully that preview was a great one. I felt good, it felt natural. It was still a bit nerve-racking, but I remembered my flow, I spoke well, and I felt really really good afterwards!

There is another full class to prep and teach for Thursday, and I can't wait to do it again! I'm excited to take the feedback and advice I got into account, and see if it can feel even more natural.

At the same time that I've been doing the YTT stuff, I've also been spending time finishing off some of the business side of my doula work. Last weekend I had my first client meeting. I wrote contracts, ordered packet items, and put together some really great materials. The meeting went well, I felt good about my answers to her questions, and I'm hoping that I'll be attending my first doula birth in August! Plus, thanks to all the pre-meeting work, I'm all ready now for whoever comes along!

It's been, as I like to call it, terriciting! Those first steps are always a little scary (especially when it comes to that business side of things), but it all feels right too. I'm making my way to where I am meant to be; throwing out what I had previously thought my career would look like. Years from now, I'll think I'll look back fondly on these newbie jitters!

The last two weeks were so full and crazy and busy, and a little overwhelming! But they were building block weeks, and I think things will only grow from here. 

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