Curried Chicken Salad

The other week as I was reading through Good Life Farm, I also had a mind to what I would be eating at yoga teacher training the next day (one of our weekend days). Because of vacation travel (and recovery), I hadn't made my normal quinoa salad and I'd already finished the cole slaw that had fed me during the week. 

I encountered Sarah's Curried Chicken Salad, and knew that an adaptation of that would hit the spot perfectly. We already had roasted chicken in the fridge, just waiting to be used up, so I knew it would just be a quick job to shredded that up. 

My normal chicken salad prep involves a bit of mayo, some salt and pepper, some shallot, and TONS of dill. I mean, I add enough dill, and then I add two times more. I love dill. So that is my go to. But Sarah's recipe peaked my interest and I had to give my own version a shot. 

I gathered a container of one of my new favorite yogurts (coconut - Icelandic style, as thick as Greek, less sugar), as well as the spices I wanted to use: curry powder, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom (I'm officially addicted), and my favorite garlic parsley sea salt grinder.

Throw in enough of the yogurt to cover all the chicken, then start adding seasonings. Here's the thing: I never measure for things like this. Generally speaking, for my single serving, I only did one good shake of cinnamon and nutmeg, two shakes of cardamom and garlic/salt/parsley, and three or more of the curry powder. Taste, and add more as needed.

After that I added a small scoop of raisins, one small carrot sliced and diced up, and a small scoop of crushed pecans. It's not pretty to look at, but it was amazingly delicious and pretty healthy too, as far as chicken salads go! I ate it with a few almond crackers, and it filled me up nicely.

What's your favorite chicken salad recipe?

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