Home for a Minute {a Wanderlust recap}

I returned home this past Sunday from my second experience with Wanderlust. Gwen and I leave next week for our epic July road trip (we'll be gone for the rest of the month!), so this week was all about settling in for a minute, unpacking, then starting to repack; while getting some snuggling in with my husband, who will only be going us for a long week of the trip. That's not the point of this post though! This post is about Wanderlust. 

Oh how this lovely festival makes my heart pitter-patter! Though the setting might have changed, that vibe is the more important part anyway, and that was just as loving, accepting, fun, and playful as Stratton was last year. I did get to see some familiar teacher faces too!

I headed out on Wednesday, after spending the morning getting lots of love from Gwen. I drove two other attendees that lived in the area, dropped them off at their condo, then got some dinner and took in the lay of the land. After that it was time to check out the condo I was staying in.  

This is the central area, flanked by four bedrooms:
Not too shabby! 
I met most of my roomies that night. 

Thursday dawned early (I started most days at 8 am... blah), with a hike up to the mountain rim. 

Um, even used to the higher altitude of the Denver area, the extra 2000+ miles up to Snowmass was felt on that hike! But the view was worth it.

I had a talk and two other classes that day, including ones with two of my big yogi inspirations: Chelsey Korus and Kathryn Budig. It was a pretty great day!

That night I headed out to check out some music (DJ Drez)...

then get some dinner with my soul sister, Marissa, and her Mama.

Friday was another early morning, but it got going quickly with some acro yoga!

This woman is the sweetest, and damn talented!

Besides the classes, there are so many other amazing things at Wanderlust... vendors, food, music, and tribal markings!

The results are pretty amazing, and made me feel a bit like a goddess...

My last class of the day was blacklight, a first for me, and a lot of fun!

With roomie, Jess.
Of course, things are never 100% perfect... it rained off and on almost the whole 4 days. And then there was this:

I managed to fix them well enough to last the weekend, and ordered a new pair, express shipping. It could have been worse...

Saturday was my only later day, and the roomies and I headed out together for a short hike, and then some pictures in the morning. A nice perk of rooming with a professional photographer.

Saturday had two awesome classes. The first was an arm balances workshop with Kathryn Budig...

the second was my last class of the day, another blacklight class with the amazing Eoin Finn. It was such a emotionally charged class, and just what I needed when the continual damn chill was getting to me.

In between those two the sun did pop out for a while... long enough to eat lunch on a restaurant deck.

Not long enough to make it through my Aireal Yoga class without getting drenched...

I made myself feel better with another visit to the Tribal Markings tent...

One thing the rain couldn't keep me away from was the Xavier Rudd concert that night!

It was amazing and worth getting soaked for (which I did, through multiple layers... ugh).

Sunday I had another class with Eoin Finn, and ended the day with a workshop for teachers on discovering your archetype (fascinating!). 

Then it was time for the drive home, a beautiful one at that, and time to see my girl and boy again!

Its so amazing to be surrounded by so many people who love something as deeply as I do, and practice with different teacher who help me grow in different ways. I'm already looking forward to next year.

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