Pennsylvania {2016 Roadtrip #4 - Part 2}

Oh Pennsylvania! While its only been 2 months since I've been there, its been 10 months since Gwen has been in her home state, and 10 months since any of us have seen Ro, Pat, GG, and Casey. It was amazing to have a few days there, especially knowing that after Cape Cod, I'd have a few more!

Ro and Pat were kind enough to host us for our days there, and seeing them was seriously wonderful. There was talking and catching up, and cat cuddling too.

It rained on our first full day there, so we headed to Jumpers, so the girls could blow off some steam. It was amazing for Gwen to run and climb and jump after being in the car for 3 days straight!

We got Chinese food, and watched movies, and had a dance party in the living room. It was all the best parts of our trips to Ro and Pat's while living here, without the worst part - the heading home!

We slept very well every night!

Thursday Pat, Gwen and I headed up to the Lehigh area, so I could check one more thing off of my PA travel agenda...

Hello beautiful... (5 hours in the chair, 80% complete, 100% in love!)

We also got a dinner visit from Apurva, which was such a treat. Then, all too soon, Friday arrived, and it was off to Cape Cod!

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