Cape Cod Days {2016 Roadtrip #4 - Part 3}

Oh Cape Cod. I can honestly say that in Cape Cod, in the family house, is one of the places I'm happiest and most relaxed. And after a week of travel and suitcase living, it felt lovely to unpack and stay put for 9 days. Really stay put. Like, put my butt in a chair and only move it to get a new drink, kind of stay put.  Ha!  Not all the days of course. There was swimming and yoga, some eating out and some shopping. There were walks and a trip to visit with some friends. But yes, there was blissful amounts of relaxation and reading.

Gwen and I arrived in Cape Cod early evening on the 15th (Friday). Trav had flown in that morning, and taken a bus out, so he had a few hours on us.

The first order of business was greeting the family... for Gwen, it was all about cousin Wyatt.

We settled into our routine of lazy mornings, maybe with cartoons. Then we often went to the lake beach, though we did make sure to hit up the ocean beach one day.

Some days we fished, and we went out on the kayaks...

I did my best to get some yoga in too. After so much time in the car, it felt amazing to move my body and stretch and bend. I even did yoga on the beach one day (with a local yoga studio).

(One downside to the "order of operations" in getting my tattoo on the way up instead of the way down as originally planned, was that I couldn't expose it to the sun yet... so improvised arm coverings were the name of the game....)

Out at the bay one night, crabbing!


There were tons of seals that we went to see in Chatham one day too.

One of our favorite parts of the Cape... Four Seas Ice Cream! Its not a successful trip without a trip or three for ice cream!

I'm much more a mountains and woods girl, then a beach girl (so much sand and salt in all the places!), but there is something really nice about sticking your toes in the sand.

Friday night, Trav's Uncle and his partner arrived from Argentina, so we had a little overlap with them, which was really nice. That hasn't happened for about 4 years! Gwen was a big fan of Bob!

We left the Cape Saturday afternoon, heading out to visit with our friend Laura, and her quadruplets (the ones I used to take care of when I was in college). It had the double benefit of an enjoyable visit with friends, and getting us off the Cape without the normal Sunday morning Cape traffic! It was fastest we've ever gotten over that bridge!

We had a great dinner, enjoyed our time with friends, had a great night sleep, then headed into Boston. 

We hit up Boston Public Gardens, walking around and enjoying the birds. It was a gorgeous day for it!

After that, it was time to drop Trav off at the airport, and head back down to Pennsylvania!

This whole trip has been amazing so far, but Cape Cod is such a second home to us, it was an especially wonderful part. 

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