Very Adult Grilled Cheese {A Flavor Guide?}

{A little break from travel posts, yes?}

A bit ago, Gwen and I had a night to ourselves. She was wanting grilled cheese, and I was game for that. I whipped up her normal, rather plain grilled cheese, but wanted something a bit more... adult... for mine. I had some leftover Meyer Lemon Jam, the same stuff I used in the Raspberry Lemon Tart, and I thought it would make a really wonderful addition!

So I'll admit, it feels more then a little silly to write up a recipe for grilled cheese, so instead lets call this a flavor guide, because dear readers, the flavors were phenomenal!

{Pardon my not so great pictures... one day I will have a kitchen with a window again!}

I started with the Jam, added some super sharp cheddar...

Tossed on some thinly sliced apple, then some goat cheese...

Then grilled until perfectly melty and toasted.

I can't explain how much of an upgrade this was from your standard grilled cheese! Salty, sweet, a touch of bitterness, tangy, crunchy and gooey. Try it and find yourself in love again with this Very Adult version of a simple classic.

I'll admit that I had it again for lunch the next day... and I was almost a little sad when I used the last of the not so good Meyer Lemon Jam! Now that's saying something. 

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