Portrait of a 34 year old (with new Harry Potter shirt!)

I feel like this year has been spent going back and forth between so so much looking ahead, planning, anticipating... sprinkled with these wonderful trips and moments when I'm completely present. I'm getting better at being present, but this year has been a huge one with huge things and its hard not to get caught up in the excitement of them all.

During 33:
I moved cross-country, visited 8 new states, got another tattoo, dyed my hair blue, sent my baby off to Kindergarten (then first grade!), became a doula (and attended my first birth!), got certified as a yoga teacher, started my own business, lost 10 lbs, read 6 of the Harry Potter books to Gwen, visited so many National Parks and State Parks, hiked so many miles, been lonely, made amazing friends, and cooked so much good food (and new food).

Hair prep.

I cannot even imagine what all 34 will bring.

More travel, for sure, more food and friends, yoga classes and births. One silly wish? I daydream of a full weekend home all alone! Trav and Gwen off somewhere together, and me, left to my own devises for a full 48 hours (or more!).  I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

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