What I Want from Home

El Dorado Canyon - near Boulder, CO
It has been a year since we have moved to Colorado. A year! It feels like so much longer then that, but at the same time, I can't fathom that 365 days have gone by with us living here. It has me thinking a lot about "Home" and what that means to me, now and for the future.

Our apartment is home for now, and we have settled in here nicely. It feels right here, comfortable and familiar now. It has been a good place for us, so close to Trav's work and Gwen's school. We've met wonderful people here and enjoyed all that this place can offer us. We have decided to stay for another year. Another year to grow and change and settle in.

But for the future... well I've been thinking a lot about that too.

Grand Canyon Campground
I think it has become apparent over the past year that my heart resides in the woods. We have crisscrossed the country multiple times, gone North and South, East and West. We have camped and hiked and picnicked. We have enjoyed so many different brands of beauty and majesty, from soaring mountains to warm sandy beaches, wide open plains and towering red rocks.

Forests are what call to me.

I step into the woods and my soul is soothed. I enjoy heading to beaches, I love hiking up mountains, but forests make me feel at home.

And that is what I really want.
Not now, maybe even not soon, but in the end I want a beautiful little house in (or on the edge of) the woods. 

Coconino National Forest - Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Drive
South of Flagstaff, AZ

I want this. And I'm putting it out into the universe because I don't know how it will come to pass, but if I've learned anything from this transformative past year (and my very smart best girl), its that recognizing and verbalizing your dreams is step one.

Wherever my family is, that is home. But I want this for me, and I want this for us.

Prompton State Park, Waymart, PA

What is your dream house or location?

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  1. So many ways to live...
    The middle of a southeastern forest. Near a creek!
    Or the Utah desert, near some big red sandstones.
    Or a treehouse in a Florida swamp.
    Or a beautiful townhouse in Central City, Philly.
    Thanks for the question!


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