Pennsylvania Take 2 {2016 Roadtrip #4 - Part 4}

After we left Cape Cod (Boston), Gwen and I headed down towards my Mom and Dad's place. Unfortunately, about the time we were leaving Boston, my parents were losing power. Over 6 hours later when we were close to arriving, they still hadn't gotten it back, so our destination changed slightly.

The Econolodge was not exactly what I had in mind for that night, but it was good enough for the time being. We met my Mom, Brother, and Sister-in-law for dinner, then it was back to the motel for bedtime. I was pretty happy about the mini bottle of Moscato I had in my car from an impromptu trip to World Market with Laura in Boston. It made the room a little homier.

Though our visit didn't start as planned, it improved quickly. We stayed with my parents for four great days, soaking in all the Nonnie and Papa time we could get.

We hit up Crystal Cave on our first day, since none of us had been before and my brother really wanted to hit it up on this trip.

It was fun to explore. We got a crazy thunderstorm on the ride home, but thankfully no loss of power followed!

Ethan and Elise had to head back to DC on Tuesday, but Ethan and I snuck in a yoga lesson before he left.

The rest of the days were pretty low-key hanging out and visiting. It was so surreal being in my childhood home. It is such an absolutely beautiful place. Plus after being away for two weeks, and having just come from Cape Cod, Colorado felt almost like a dream.

It was so great getting to see Gwen be silly with my parents too. She adores them, and the feeling is mutual. I've missed seeing that interaction, and she's missed having it. (Thank goodness we already know when my parents will be in Colorado next, which takes some of the sting out of the goodbyes.)

I did steal away for one night to go see a girlfriend and pick out bridesmaid dresses for her impending nuptials.

It was great for the time with a good friend, but also for the opportunity to take a solo drive down roads I haven't been on in years. It brought back many memories! 

And the sky put on a pretty killer show on the way home for me too!

We were lucky enough the my mom was able to take off Monday - Wednesday, to be with us. Thursday morning she was back to work though, and it was a morning visit with just us and my Papita. We headed out for breakfast together.

After that it was time to start the return journey to Colorado, by first heading back down to Philly. We stopped by my old work to say hi to everyone and headed out to lunch with Tally-le. We took some extra time to walk around the park down there, then grab a treat.

We then headed up to meet neighbor Joe by UPenn, so that Gwenie could see him before we left. We might live 1700 miles apart, but he's still an amazing neighbor!!

We still had some time to kill before heading to Ro and Pat's for one last night, and Gwen was asking to see our old house, so I drove her out to the neighborhood. It was surreal seeing it again, especially knowing we couldn't just walk right in. We waiting for a little bit, and were rewarded with a chance to see our other neighbor Kathy. It was a great little visit!

A few more hours with Ro and Pat, then Friday morning (July 29th if you've lost track!) it was time to be reunited with love bug, Daisy, and head West!

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