The Journey East {2016 Road Trip #4 - Part 1}

Nebraska (check), Iowa (check), Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia and finally... Pennsylvania, check check check.

Ironically, as you read this, we'll have passed 5 more states to be in Cape Cod for the week (New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts)... though those 5 states took a lot less time to pass!

But lets talk about those top 6! Gwen, Daisy, and I left July 10th, only a week after I returned from Wanderlust, hopping into the car and heading towards Iowa (our first stop), by way of Nebraska.

The whole ride was really pretty smooth! It passes as quickly as a 3-day drive can go. Nebraska was LONGGG.

We stopped in Iowa, at a cute campground called Arrowhead Park, where we camped next to a lake and Gwen got to run around catching fireflies. The humidity was killer after becoming used to Denver, and we had trouble falling asleep, but overall it was a nice stop.

The epic firefly chasing was really the highlight. :-) 

After that it was through Illinois and into Indiana for our second stop, this time at a girlfriend's house! The stop over was a restful one after the sleep troubles the night before.

It was a fun one for Gwen too, since it had some built-in playmates! 

The next day was our longest so far, leaving Indiana and traveling through Ohio, the top corner of West Virginia, and crossing the whole of Pennsylvania to arrive at Ro and Pat's place at 7:30 p.m. after a quick stop to drop Daisy off with ReRe. It was a very long day, about 10.5 hours in the car. 

Seriously, why is PA so long?!

After that though, it was finally time to enjoy a few days in one place. A very good place at that!

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