And then Her Garden Grew... Or Not

So my little garden in pots was not quite the success I had hoped for. Apparently in the move cross-country, I left my green thumb behind.

While the plants are all still alive (minus my flowers, which didn't make it through my July travels), that's about all I can say for them. See that lone pepper up there? Yeah, that was about it.

I still loved having the pots out there. I loved having my own green and soil I could plunge my hands into anytime I wanted, but it just wasn't exactly all I hoped it would be. When previous years brought you cucumbers the size of your forearm and bushels of tomatoes, well, one half grown green pepper isn't a bringer of much excitement.

Ah well, a learning experience, right? I'll try again next year, and hopefully it will go better.

In the meantime, any Colorado natives or gardeners with 4b-5b zone experience that wants to give me some advice?! Apparently I'm a much better gardener in the 6b zone. Ha!

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