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If you haven't seen it yet, you should know that my best girl Babs writes a killer empowerment/dream chasing blog called Hiya Tootsie! Every month she has a great feature called Badass Broads You Should Know, and this month, I'm featured!!

Most of my deepest fears go back to one thing: disappointment. I’m always afraid of letting someone down: my client, my family, myself. It’s been one of my biggest stumbling blocks and has kept me from trying for things in the past – sometimes literally making me freeze. As I’ve pursued this dream, I’ve had to make the choice over and over to take the leap and push myself. Of course I’m not going to succeed every time, but you never succeed when you don’t try! I’m slowly learning that no one I love is going to be mad at me for trying and falling short of my goal, but I will be mad at myself if I never even give it a shot. I’ve gotten more comfortable with the choice to try, but it’s still damn scary every single time!

Check out the post here!!

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