As of last week it is officially Autumn!! The sun, while still hot, is changing over from its direct attack to the more enjoyable sideways glow. The morning are cool and crispy, and the mid-day heat much milder. I've officially started drinking all the tea we have in the house!

It might sound silly or cliche, but I truly love everything about this season. The food, the holidays, the colors, the decorations, and the weather - I don't love being too hot in summer or too cold in winter, and this is the best of both worlds. The shorter days, the baking, and getting to break out my long sleeved t-shirts.

Autumn always feel like a season of promise to me. I think its the association with the new school year, and especially with Lehigh's beautiful hill, but it feels like a fresh beginning. We switch from the travel and vacation focus of summer, to a more home-based focus for the cooler months.

What's your favorite season and why?


  1. "Autumn always feel like a season of promise to me." You perfectly put into words, what I love about fall <3

    1. Thank you Sunita! I hope your fall is going beautifully so far!


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