One Beautiful Average Day

So often it seems that only the big events get attention. So I wanted to make a point to talk about a much more low-key day.

We had the pleasure a few weekends ago to have a completely free Sunday. Our weeks have been so full and busy, and there's often a few things going on every weekend, so a completely free day was a lovely happening.

We headed down the street to Parker and their farmers market, which we had just learned about! We sampled just about every offering they had: salsas, sausages, palisade peaches, candies, dips, and on and on! We ended up buying bags of items! I couldn't resist a meyer lemon olive oil, some chicken sausages and bacon, and those peaches (the best I ever had!). Trav grabbed a pepper relish, a hot sauce, hot & spicy peanut butter, and jerk seasoned trail mix. We both decided on the pear cobbler and some wine. Gwen decided on some kona ice.

After eating and buying our way through Main Street Parker, we headed home to nap and watch a movie.

We settled on The Little Prince, which is beautiful, sad, and inspiring.

It was a low-key, lovely day. In the grand scheme of things, nothing "big," but definitely one beautiful average day.

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