I remember being completely shocked when August dawned. Summer vacation was basically over at that point, and thanks to all our travel the break had FLOWN. Now here it is September already, and I never stopped to truly welcome August here! Between school starting, post-travel readjusting and reorganizing, and trying to figure out multiple possible job opportunities, then swim lessons restarting, well last month flew just as fast. As much as I am anticipating and longing for Autumn, with all it brings, I'm wishing things would slow down just a bit. I'm ready for Autumn, but certainly not for the Winter that will quickly follow.

August started off being all about getting back into life in Colorado. Traveling for 3 weeks, with another trip only the week prior to that, will leave you with lots of unpacking, way too much washing, and so much mail sorting. There were big restocking trips to the grocery store, and definitely a bit of "food resetting" after all the drive thru meals on the road (see: one con of traveling with dog). Not to mention, seeing as we arrived less then two weeks before the new school year started, there were plenty of details to figure out (ahh, where does she line up? and what time is drop off and pick up?!), and phone calls to make. Thank goodness for the pre-ordered school supply box!

Just because school has started,
doesn't mean summer is completely over!

Ah, the new school year. I have been enjoying the routine it brings, and I think Gwen is as well. It definitely took some adjusting. Over the past year, and especially the past three months, she has forgotten what its like to be in a full-day program. But she's a good and enthusiastic learner, and its nice for her to be around kids of her own age again. She's excelling in school, and while she'd been acting out a little more at home, I think we're getting back on track now. The break from constant togetherness is nice for me too, though I will say I was really pretty pleased with how well the all the time togetherness of our trip had gone.

Back to swim lessons!

I'm trying to figure out what a work "schedule" will look like for me, what I can fit in and do that still holds balance for my family. The beginning of the month was a bit stressful for that, and left me wishing for a Magic 8 ball that could provide me with the answers. I found that at first all the extra hours didn't seem like so many hours after all! They went so quickly and I never got everything done. A few weeks in and I feel like I'm finally catching up. A few more months, and I think hopefully I'll have found a steady rhythm, which will help me feel a bit more settled. At the moment I'm adjusting to teaching four yoga classes a week for a really great women's collective North of Denver, and seeking more doula clients.

Studio where I'm teaching!

I am enjoying the new relative calm of not having to provide all the entertainment myself, of having the space for quiet so that I can hopefully hear more clearly where life is calling me. 

The other morning I walked home after dropping Gwen off at school. It was still cool, so I made a cup of tea, grabbed a magazine and my yoga class notebook, then headed to the porch with Daisy. I sat and sipped my tea. I worked on my class flow and when I wanted a break from that, I read some articles. While it's not always easy, and it's not always perfect, in that moment I had a snapshot of the life I've been dreaming about. 

Welcome to September! 

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