New Bed, Rearranged Room

Gwen and I ran out on President's Day to finally take care of an errand we've been talking about for, well, years honestly! Until just after her birthday Gwen was actually still on her same crib mattress she's had since she was born! Her crib was one of those convertible ones, so we had changed it into the toddler/daybed when she got old enough. Well since she likes to sleep in a bit of a ball, it never really became a big issue to convert it the rest of the way into a Full bed. That mattress was 7 years old though and it really was time to replace it, and give my long girl the room to spread out a bit.


So President's Day out we went to take advantage of some sales and let Gwen try a few mattresses. She found one that she really liked, and the following weekend we finally changed her bed over.

She now has room to stretch and grow! Plus having real sheets gives her options for days when a blanket is too heavy.

I'll admit... she wasn't super happy at first about the change. She was excited to pick out the mattress, but sad to change her bed over and have to move her room around.

Sometimes change is hard! But we talked about how goldfish will only grow as big as the container they are in, and how we were giving her room to grow! (Whatever works, right?!)

She did come around, especially after feeling how comfy her new bed was, and seeing that we could actually fit on it next to her! She's slept well in it, and we're all happy with the change.

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