More Hours in the Day

I need more hours in the day lately. There are all the chores to be done, emails to respond to, yoga classes to write and teach, yoga practice to do on my own, a stack of books a mile high, a dozen shows waiting on Netflix. There are occasional coffee dates, or tea times. There are endless hours of play and reading with Gwen, homework to do, swim lessons to attend, showers, hair brushing, and endless dinners to cook. Easy things I can cook without thinking too hard about are the name of the game lately, though I have dozens of recipes saved for things to cook and bake and make that take a little more effort, but are perhaps a little more fun and different. One day I will cook them all.

Oh, what I wouldn't give for another hour or two during the day.
(And a corresponding extra hour or two to sleep at night!)

Our New Mexico trip should be a nice break from  ::waves hands wildly around::  well, all the things. But then its right back into it all. I'm looking forward to the travel I'm doing in May for so many reasons, but more and more I find myself excited about the break, and about all the reading I'll get to do on the plane! Ha, is that sad?

Could you use a few extra hours in the day?

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