Mid-Way Through March

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Here we are, mid-way through March already, celebrating in our green best. Time has just been trucking along lately, so perhaps we'll play catch-up? I'm adjusting to teaching 3x a week, plus regular subbing (I've subbed the past two Wednesdays, and am subbing next Wednesday as well). I've been feeling both constantly busy lately, and also like I have more free time then normal. I think it helps that this month we're doing Gwen's swim lessons on Sundays since the timing didn't work out for our normal Monday/Wednesday lessons.

At the beginning of the month, Gwen had her most recent parent-teacher conference and things are going swimmingly! Excelling at reading, writing, and math. A full grade level ahead in art! She got a lot of great new books for her birthday, and we've been tearing through them. We read the first four in the Boxcar Children series in about 10 days! She had a birthday party for a friend/schoolmate recently at a Tae Kwon Do school, and man did she love that. She's all flailing arms and legs at this point, but she did a great job of really trying. It was damn sweet watching a whole group of 6-7 year olds proclaim "yes sir!" and do deep bows.

This past Tuesday I cashed in a gift card I won (drawing at our apartment complex) for a free massage. I cannot tell you how much that was needed! Even doing my best to take care of myself, I still get sore and achy. Its good to have someone work those knots out, and a full hour to be completely lazy and relaxed. If I won the lottery, one of my splurges would absolutely be weekly massages. Wednesday I had a girlfriend over for lunch, which was a nice treat. Its brings me such joy to cook for people I love! Roasted cauliflower and fancy grilled cheeses were enough to make some happy bellies.

As for today, its yoga and house chores, and finishing up my classes for next week. Have a great weekend friends!

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