Yoga With Friends

Yoga is such a personal practice, but its fun to change it up and practice some partner poses now and again!

Adding someone else to your practice really teaches you about control and makes you very aware of what your body is doing.

When someone else is literally connected to your body you have to make sure that your actions are safe for everyone!

Thankfully I trust Marissa completely! So not only is it a strong, intense practice, but also a fun one.

Pretty shapes and a new way to enjoy one of my favorite activities!


  1. Yes, it's really cool! My friend led me to yoga classes a year ago. Since then, my life has changed for the better! Especially I benefited that I became a vegetarian and started eating exceptionally healthy food! Most of all I enjoy the cocktails and smoothies. I can advise to watch the daily harvest smoothie review It's these cocktails, that give me energy for the whole day!

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