Changing Things Up

Last night I taught my last Restorative Yoga class at my studio until August, this morning is my last Gentle Mat Class, and tomorrow my last All Levels Mat Class until then as well. I'm packing Gwen and my bags to get ready for a trip (more on that Friday), and while I will miss my students and classes, I am very much looking forward to a bit of a change.

This summer has been one of the rougher ones for Gwen and I. We are just together too much, and I'm going to have to make some different plans next year, I think. This stress has manifested in additional insomnia like problems for me - I stay up too late most nights (literally can't bring myself to get into bed), then of course am exhausted in the morning. I am ready to shake things up a bit.

While camping a different place each night isn't the best for all aspects of health (not always the easiest to get healthy meals, forget my green smoothie routine, and then there's the hours upon hours in the car), it can actually be amazing for resetting sleep. Without the normal distractions, its easy to find yourself asleep a lot earlier, which is good because you're most likely waking up with the sun and the birds!

I'm looking forward to the change in routine, the change in scenery, and the break from our summer norm.

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