Semi-Wordless Wednesday {Creative Lunch Arrangements}

Gwen got nose bleeds a lot when we first moved to Colorado because of how dry it is here. We used a humidifier for a long time and she hadn't had one for well over a year. We went to lunch the other week, pulled up to the restaurant and hear a yell from the back seat. Turn to look and Gwen's nose is gushing blood! Thanks, we think, to a recent cold that had irritated the inside of her nose, she ended up with an epic nose bleed that lasted about 20 minutes [FYI white vinegar is killer for getting blood out of shirts!]. A combination of her pinching her nose with a tissue, while I held ice to it for about 5 minutes (on and off, don't need a frozen nose), finally got it to stop. In the meantime, she wasn't going to not eat... so she would sneak fries up under the ice and tissues! That's my girl.

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