Pikes Peak Celtic Festival

We headed down to Colorado Springs the other weekend to check out what is supposed to be one of the biggest Celtic Festivals in Colorado. Its hard coming from the East Coast, where we used to regularly hit up one of the largest Celtic Festivals and Highland Games in the US! 

But, we wanted to find a good festival to entertain us here. And we weren't disappointed! While it was no Celtic Classic, it did have some great games, good food, and lots of clan tents to check out. All under the watchful gaze of Pike's Peak!

We perused the various vendors, collected clan stamps in a little booklet, listened to a little bit of music, then watched some Sheaf Tossing. After that it was definitely time for food...

Beef Bridee! My mom's favorite...
so yummy.

After food it was back to watch more games...

Including my favorite, the caber toss!

Then it was time to head home again. We spent a good 5 hours there, at which point we were hot and tired and ready to relax!

While I hope to return to the Celtic Classic in Bethlehem in the next few years, I'm so glad we found a fun place to celebrate our various Celtic roots!

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