A Shared Passion

It brings me so much joy when Gwen starts to naturally develop a love for something that I have a passion for. Whether it be her desire to learn new yoga poses, her eagerness to stick her hands in the dirt to plants colorful things, or her happiness to always jump in the car to head off on an adventure with me*, its amazing to share something you love with someone you love! Her newest passion is for cooking.

She's always been interested what we're doing in the kitchen, but she never had a big attention span for it. That's changed in the past month or so. Trav enlisted her to help make her own grilled cheese one day, which she then did again when we had a babysitter one night; she and I made our pizzas one night: 

She's helped with chopping up broccoli, making her favorite soup, and the other night her and Trav made homemade chicken tenders!

The best part: with a new excitement about making food, seems to come a slightly higher willingness to try new foods!

I can't wait to include her more and more in the cooking-making-baking process, and maybe even start letting her make us some meals!

* I do sometimes worry? wonder? speculate on if I'm ingraining her with the same restless Wanderlust that I feel myself. Am I blessing her with an amazing willingness to go, see, do, and learn - which will lead her to a wide open heart and love for things outside her norm? Or am I dooming her to always have an itch for the open road that leaves her feeling a little stifled in the typical life of home, family, stationary job? I might have just revealed too much of my own heart, and this is really a side note for another post... but it has been on my mind lately.

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