Yoga and Meditation for the Birth Worker

The women I did my doula training with also host a monthly doula support group, which I've been attending since I completed my initial training with them. They would occasionally have months that were just conversations between doulas, offering each other support and advice. Often though they would host wonderful speakers covering a wide variety of topics for the doula to add to her wheelhouse. This past weekend I had the amazing honor and pleasure of getting to do my own talk for the group!

I discussed Yoga - what it really is and its 8 limbs, demonstrated some breath exercises for calming and centering, provided specific poses for birth workers to use to heal their body's before and after a birth, and led a post-birth centered meditation. 

(Handout on Yoga!)

It was slightly nerve racking, I won't lie, but it was wonderful to get to combine my two passions! I look forward to hopefully doing more talks in the future!

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