Summer Fun: Concerts

One great thing about summer that I wanted to take advantage of a little bit more this year was concerts! There are so many great venues around Denver, and specifically, I wanted to get to Red Rocks for a concert. I'd been there so many times for other things, but never for a concert. This past month I got to hit up not one but two concerts, both at venues I hadn't been to before.

First off there was OK Go! with Trav at the Gothic... a cute little venue outside of Denver proper.

Its been a while since Trav and I have been to a concert together, just the two of us!

It was a great, super fun show. OK Go are great entertainers, and there was such good energy the whole time.

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The next concert was Dispatch and Guster at Red Rocks with my soul sister, Marissa.

Red Rocks is such an amazing venue for everything, but especially for concerts! And because of our various travels and how they overlapped, this was my first time getting to hang out with soul sister in a month!

The show itself was so great. I saw both of these bands play back in college... maybe ::sniff, cough, hack, 15 years, cough:: ago!  The music is still amazing, and they both played some of my old favorites.

I cannot wait for more Red Rocks experiences and more concerts!

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