A Comedy of Errors

Oh June. With the end of school and the start of summer came a confluence of unusual events and more then one comedy of errors.

I already wrote about Trav's days away, but he arrived home just in time to enjoy our new absence of hot water. Our water heater had finally bit the big one, and while they turned the water to it off on Thursday night and it was removed on Friday, the new one wasn't put in until late in the day on Monday! We really do love our apartment complex, and while the days of no hot water (and no dishwasher or washing machine) created a pile of dishes and laundry that threatened to overwhelm us... not to mention the state of our balcony with people tramping off and on, and all of our things pushed to the side, they really went out of their way when all was said and done to make things right. That said, I literally spend a whole day "recovering" our house! 3 loads of laundry, 3 loads in the dishwasher, endless counters to wipe, sweeping, vacuuming.

In the midst of all that, Gwen and I took a break to celebrate National Doughnut Day, with a trip to Krispy Kreme. Did you ever set out to do something, only to curse your "best of intentions?" After accidentally taking the toll route to get there instead of the free roads, Gwen took one look at the lines and decided she didn't want to wait. We started to head home, disappointed and frustrated, only to have Gwen burst into tears a few miles down the road! She regretted her choice but didn't want me to be mad! So we headed back with the agreement that there would be no complaints about the wait, and that she would eat a really good lunch when we got home. Heading back we came in from a different direction then normal, missed the turn into the parking lot, then when we went to turn around, made the wrong turn and ended up on the highway! We had to go an exit down, get off and come back again! After waiting in line for almost an hour after that, we finally made it through the drive thru, got our donuts and were on our way... with Gwen's chocolate glazed with sprinkles, and my delicious original glazed a stupid chocolate glazed donut. Grrrr... who knew a simple trip to a donut shop could turn into all that.

Top that off with our normal adjustment to being out of school and together 24-7, and the first week of June was quite the bang.

Thankfully things have calmed down greatly since then! Though I will admit that we are in full summer mode, and have completely lost track of days at this point. Lets hope as our summer continues we have less error and more comedy!

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