It has felt very much like things have been all travel and travel recovery lately, but there's been plenty of other happenings. Gwen and I hit up a Mommy/Daughter yoga event, a class followed by snacks and a henna session.

It was nice to do something a little special together. We spend so much time just the two of us, but outside of travel its mostly mundane. It can be very easy to get sucked into going about our schedule, same old. This was something a little different then anything else we do together.

We had a really needed and appreciated 2 weeks off from swim lessons to end the school year. I love watching Gwen grow in her swimming, and she appreciates the pool time, but it is such a rush at the end of the day. Those two weeks felt amazingly chill! She's back at it now, but since school is out its a lot easier to manage.

The sun is very much out in summer force now. It at least waited until the last week of school, which I appreciated in the afternoons standing outside waiting for Gwen, but it is here so now it is time not for sunscreen - which I've been wearing religiously since March? April? - but for light long sleeved shirts which completely hide my arms from the sun. It is intense and heavy, and I felt burned walking home from dropping Gwen at school (a week and a half ago) at 8:45 in the morning! Oh Colorado.

Other exciting things: I've been part of a birth center support team, having a few on call days for them every month since October. Well I finally (finally!!) got called in for the first time during Gwen's last week of school! 6:30 a.m. wake up call and five hours straight on my feet. It was fun and exhausting and I'm so glad that I get to part of the team for this amazing birth center! It makes me even more excited for my next doula client... due the beginning of July!

2 weeks until I'm on-call for birth
5.5 weeks until we leave for our cross-country road trip
10 weeks until Gwen goes back to school

Can't wait to see all we can pack in.

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