Just the Two of Us

Gwen and I had a first last week... Trav headed out of town to catch the Penguins game with his brother, and Gwen and I had the run of the place for 4 days. With all of our travels, just the two of us, this was the first time that Trav went away without us and we were alone in the apartment.

I'll admit, there were moments when I wished his trip had occurred the week before, when school was still in session and we could get a break from each other! But I tried to plan out some different activities each day, and we had fun!

Time at the dog park, swim lessons, some planting, some errands, a little bit of eating out, and some pizza making... we enjoyed ourselves. 

Trav had a pretty great time too:

Not only getting to see a Stanley cup playoff game with his own Penguins (who won!), but also seeing his brothers and spending some time in the city he grew up in.

It was a little overwhelming being on all the time, but we kept busy. It was nice to get an idea of what Trav goes through when I go away (though he's only done it when she's in school, so he does have that going for him!). Just one more new experience for Gwen and I to check off our list!

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