A Weekend Hike with Friends

After Trav and Gwen got back from skiing the other weekend, we joined some of our friends to head up to a hike near Golden, Colorado. We love Golden, though we had never been to this area before.

The views were wonderful! White Ranch Open Space is a must see for anyone nearby!

The  hike itself was great too. It was a little snowy/muddy at points, but the weather was gorgeous.

We did about 3.3 miles, and there was some good elevation change. Gwen did the whole thing herself (minus a little lift over some snow that was deeper then her shoes!).

We stopped about 3/4 of the way through to have a piecemeal picnic on the rocks.

We are so lucky to have made some really great friends out here, and so lucky to have friends that enjoy the outdoors as much as we do!

We will definitely be doing another hike soon!

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