One Fun Weekend

Generally we take it easy on our weekend, having one activity planned out, but the other week we had a whole plethora of things pop up for the same weekend!

Friday night our good friend came over to watch Gwen while Trav and I went to a local movie theater for a Quote Along. This place regular hosts these special "movie parties" where they pick a cult following type movie, provide props, and invite you to come quote the lines along with the movie.

It is such a fun night. We'd done one before for Army of Darkness, and this time we got to see Clue!

I forgot just how much I love that movie.

Saturday we all headed to various yoga classes in the morning, mine being the latest, and when I arrived home, they surprised me with doughnuts from Fractured Prune! So good.

We headed downtown after that to check out a fun art gallery that was hosting a little party for one of their main artists. He does amazing art mostly based off of SciFi (Harry Potter, Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc). We got one of his prints, as well as a piece by an amazing Russian artist.

Next it was time to check out a pop up Poutinerie! (One week only, done by Air Canada, a fundraiser!) I have a bit of a love affair with poutine, so I was very excited for this.

We tried three different kinds, and were pleased with all of them.

And so full. So very, very full. 

That night we headed to our neighbors/friends place for a game night. We always have the best time with them, and this was no exception.

Sunday we finally cashed in Gwen's big Christmas gift, picking up her friend Maddie and heading over to Boondocks. Thankfully it was a gorgeous day, and they had hours (and hours and hours) of fun there...

Rides (including Gwen's first time on the go carts), games, and a competitive game of laser tag.

We got in on some of the action too.

It was a lot of fun, and we were all a little worn out by the time we dropped Maddie off at home. After that I had to go teach, but then we were all in bed early. Great weekend!

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