Time Alone

Last year I mentioned to Trav that one thing I wanted more then anything for this coming year, was some time alone in our apartment. I have traveled by myself frequently and am so grateful for that, but it is very rare that I get more then a few hours to myself in our own home, definitely not for multiple days! There's something very different about having that time in our own place. So, on Thursday of Gwen's Spring Break week, she and Trav woke up long before me and headed up to the mountains.

They got to spend two days and two nights up at Breckenridge, and I got to spend two days and two nights in our apartment, with only my own agenda to mind. They had an amazing time skiing, and Gwen just keeps getting better and better.

I enjoyed my free time, but keep busy too! I headed down to Colorado Springs to have a really wonderful postpartum visit with my most recent doula family.

I have really lucked out with the most amazing doula clients! And there is something so special about the postpartum visit. (All of these photos posted with permission.)

After my doula visit (and a Skype date with SaraMarie at the beginning of the day), I headed back up home.

I was tired out, so while Trav and Gwen finished skiing, had some time in the hot tub, then took a dip in the snow (eeee!), I headed to my neighbors house for salads and Moscow Mules in my PJs!

I love living so close to such good friends!

I got to FaceTime with Trav and Gwen both nights, which was nice too.

Friday dawned with Trav and Gwen heading here!: 

And me heading out to do this:

My boy Daniel decided some change was in order! So red it was (with some purples)!

I hit up some yoga after that, and headed to the store, but the rest of the day was a restful one... full of little chores around the house, leftovers, and some Netflix in my PJs.

I also got excited about the Easter goodies that had arrived in the mail! (Paint your own cookies by my amazing friend Vicki, and my mom's special pretzel candies!!)

Trav and Gwen arrived by home Saturday before lunch, and we whiled away the rest of the weekend together, but it was amazing having a few days to myself!

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