Spring Break

Gwen's Spring Break was last week. Normally I would book us a fun road trip somewhere, but I thought I was going to be on call for a doula client. Turns out the client went early and I was free as a bird, so we passed the first half of Spring Break pretty quietly at home.

Sneak peak... BABY!! (Posted with permission.)
After a few days of Army battles, movies, walks to the mail center, and many Hamilton singalongs, it was time to change things up a little.

So we headed to the zoo!

It was a fun day. We were there early, so we spent a good 4.5 hours walking around and seeing all there was to see before heading home.

We stopped for some ice cream on the way home, at which point we were ready to relax a bit. It was good timing too, as we got a big storm not long after we arrived home. Thundersnow!

I'll admit, I'm not always the best at just spending lots of days at home with Gwen... we both need a bit more structure/entertainment/outlet, but this was a lovely Spring Break (part 1... more later).

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