First Guests of 2018

My brother, Ethan, and his wife Elise flew in on the 16th. It ended up being the craziest weekend! Everything was happening: ComiCon, Pride (post to come!), and the Red Rocks concert I already wrote about.

Nerd Time at Comic-Con!
We enjoyed Comic-Con together, and Gwen got some great time with them when we were at the concert. They made cornbread and got some ice cream (what a good Aunt and Uncle). 

After visiting with us for the weekend, they headed out West for some exploring on their own.

It was an easier goodbye then normal though, since we knew they'd be back in just a few days! We picked them up on Friday, and enjoyed our Litha celebration that night together.

They headed out on Saturday the 23rd, but the great news... we knew we'd be seeing them in just 3 weeks! I'm so glad for the time with my brother and his wife, they are truly amazing people.

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