Dispatch / Nakho and Medicine for the People {2018 Concert #6}

Another week, another concert... 😂

But really not JUST another concert.

Last Sunday Trav and I grabbed some friends of ours (Panda and Parker) and headed up to Red Rocks. This is only my second time attending a concert at Red Rocks, but it is definitely my favorite venue. And I saw the same headlining band that I saw at my first Red Rocks show! Dispatch! This time with Nahko!

I definitely enjoyed this Nahko show (my second time seeing him) wayyy more then the first, when I was still recovering from a stomach bug! I really love Nahko's music, and even more the feeling of connection I get at his shows.

They make me feel hopefully, that we can really make this world of ours a little bit better, a little bit brighter.

This was my third time seeing Dispatch. The first time was all the way back in college! Then last year. Every single time has been great.

This time they hit almost all of my favorite songs (only one I wish they played was Curse + Crush), old ones (the General, Flying Horses, Outloud) and new ones (Only the Wild Ones, Skin the Rabbit).

It was just such a good night! I’m full and happy and sad it’s over. Both of these guys are heart wrenching and soul healing. This will not be my last time seeing either of these bands!!

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