Happy Birthday Trav

Trav's birthday was the 22nd of May, and he's now enjoying his 38th year. We celebrated a little beforehand and a little afterwards since I had to work on his actual birthday. The weekend before we got a babysitter and headed out to see Deadpool 2. It was absolutely hilarious. We were originally supposed to go to Partner Yoga afterward, but it got postponed, so instead we went out for ice cream.

The day of his actual birthday we went out to meet a friend of mine who works at Toyota, then this happened....

His car has been slowly dying for a while, and it would have cost more to fix then the car was worth, so it was time.

When he returned to the office he found it full of balloons from his coworkers! That night I worked, but Trav and Gwen headed to our friend's house where they treated him to fancy pizzas and sang Happy Birthday.

The following weekend was Han Solo time! Another great movie, and a great time for all three of us.

This is our 17th birthday of his that we're celebrating together, and I'm so glad we (with the help of some awesome friends) got to make it special for him!

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