Summer Camp

Back when school was still in session, I scheduled Gwen for one week of summer camp, just to break up the month of June a little. That was last week, and it was quite the week for both of us. I was able to hit up a lot of the yoga classes I did while she was in school, and didn't have to drag her out for the classes I teach. I did some boring adulting, like taking car of my car in advance of our travels. I also squeezed in some fun things while I had the free time, like lunch (and murder mysteries) with friends and Trav.

Other then one little incident, she had an amazing time too. She got to do arts and crafts, swimming, and make some new friends. She went on a field trip to a super fun kids museum. It was a great week for her, and a great break for us. With just over two weeks until we leave for a full month of travel, of which half will entail me being on as the only parent 24/7, it was nice to have some quiet alone time, and prepare myself. It was good for her to be around other kids too.

It did also give me a newfound (or at least greatly deepened) appreciation for how easy or normal schedule really is. While it can be hard having to be back to pick her up from school by 2:30 during the school year, and it can be frustrating to have to drag her around to various classes or errands, it is amazingly easy and nice to not have to be out driving during rush hour normally, and to have long, relaxed evenings. Those were the things I did miss this past week. So yay for an "outside" look at our normal day-to-day, and with it a refreshed regard.

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