All Those Ages Ago Today

I'm writing this just moments before I'm publishing it, not something I generally do anymore. But I wanted to talk about the talk that Gwen and I are having today. She already learned about Martin Luther King Jr at school, and we've talked about it at home as well, but I think the thing that blows my mind, the thing that I want to emphasize this year is just how recent all of this was. It feels like such a different world now, that King's speech seems like so many lifetimes ago. But MLK, Jr would be 91 if he were still alive today, and his assassination was less then 52 years ago. Ruby Bridges is younger then my parents! 


While we have come so far, its important for Gwen to know just how recent that was, how far we still have to go. Talking about what it means to be a good ally, how important it is not to be silent, and how close we actually still are to all those things that King had to speak out against, and Bridges had to power through. It feels like lifetimes ago, but its not... its within my parent's lifetime, and its still today.

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