Chadwick Stokes - First Concert of 2020

Last year we hit so many concerts. It was entertaining, but a little exhausting, and we have no plans for that many this year. The music scene here is just so amazing, with so many awesome bands coming to Colorado!

This past Saturday was supposed to be our first concert of the year, but you know what they say about the best laid plans?!

Gwen was sick on Friday, and only got feeling worse on Saturday. So while we had a babysitter all arranged, it didn't feel right to do that to Gwen (or to our James!). So, Trav told me to go, and that he'd stay home with her. I texted a few friends, but no one was around... so I went by myself! Not something I'd normally do, but it was actually a lot of fun!

It was a small venue, which is always a great way to get that up close experience. The main act was Chadwick Stokes... a musician I absolutely love, but normally see him in very large venues playing with Dispatch! But first was an opener I wasn't familiar with, until someone pointed out that Daniel Rodriguez was one of the lead singers of Elephant Revival! So two huge bands, and I got to see their lead singers up close in an intimate setting.

They played great sets. Chadwick and the Pintos played mostly their own songs, but with two Dispatch numbers thrown in, which was super fun. They also brought Daniel back out for a few songs.

 It was a very fun night, and I'm even more excited for Dispatch in July!

(Hopefully with Travis... but you know what they say about the best laid plans... )

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